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07 January 2007 @ 12:33 am
Jamaica, here i come!!
i'm leaving for the airport in an hour.

wish me a safe trip and hope i don't come back a dread!

see you in a week.

one love. jah bless.
21 June 2006 @ 01:51 am
i have just discovered that
are a highly addictive nut.

proceed with caution.
19 June 2006 @ 01:04 am
so, after not drinking or clubbing for two weeks--for Mary, a year-- her, i, my cousin mel and tina hit the phoenix saturday nite. we devirginised mel from [of?] a rock club and she's hooked. saw way too many people, including l'il joe!!, from back in the day.

and i was way too loaded. lovess itt.

here's some evidence.

mind the bad resizing and ish--i'm tired and lazy.

all my pictures look the same_Collapse )

in other news::
my cousin took me to watch 'cars' tonight and it is thee most adorable movie!
the boy from last summer seems to be avoiding me. i'm a little indifferent, just a little, but that's because i deserve it. damn karma.
i'm so stoked that summer's here which also means reunions in store. [thinking of my favorite set of double ds..]
paying off cuba, finally, in two weeks which means i'll have more money for stuff i don't need.
today my brother, sister and i convinced my parents to get tattooed with us.

it's all peachy. seriously.

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29 May 2006 @ 09:48 am
- since i had two appointments to check out schools,
- i made a huge stink about being scheduled to work today, to the point where my manager is pulling a fourteen hour shift just to cover mine
- i wake up at eight am to make sure i look impossibly fresh looking for this [beautiful] day downtown,

only to find out the TTC [Toronto Transit Commission] employees went on some absurd, abrupt STRIKE?!

what the fuck, people work, go to school, and they pull this shit?
why? because they know they can. bastards.

so, i'm not going to freak out.
i'm going to reschedule the appointments once i find out when my next day off is.
i'm not going to work either. they switched that shift on ME.
instead i'm going to pick ange up, do our hair, then go to jo's to tan all day.
later, i have a meeting with this new job i'm going to do on the side from home --booking sex toy parties.
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17 May 2006 @ 07:00 pm
i gotta stop making myself so available for work.

10 May 2006 @ 12:51 am
I feel as if I have moved into Money Mart. Pulling doubles at my own and other branches, working sixteen day work weeks.. Let me tell you, it's fabulous. This way, I have no chance of going out, therefore, not spending money. It balances.. The sarcasm is minimal, too. I really like my job. I take shifts voluntarily and, for once, actaully go that extra mile to get shit done. Even when I actually had the position of Assistant Manager at another job, I did what I had to and that was it. No one would tell me to do otherwise. This time around, I actually want to see my branch progress. It's a little weird. Me, showing initiative?!
My managers pulled me into their office last week to reprimand about something I did wrong but quickly lifted the mood by assuring me that my busting my ass has been noticed and that I have potential to be a manager for one of the new stores opening really soon. That, of course, being all the incentive I need to take another year off school.

still working on it,
__mel. xxx

ps:: photobucket has lost it's appeal. pictures here___
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12 April 2006 @ 12:29 am
my mom and i are having a slumber party.

popcorn, pictures, and movies in her queen size bed.

11 April 2006 @ 10:40 pm
my mom and i ate a whole pineapple today. my tongue tingled for about an hour. she got back last nite from her ten week retreat to colombia. she's thinner, tanned, and frightengly calm. i had the day off so we spent all day together. slept in, went grocery shopping, did lunch, and talked a lot. it was nice. she's happy i love my job and that i'm going to pursue makeup instead of science cuz it's what i really want. she's trying to prep me to live on my own and i'm embracing it. i watched her cook and she taught me how to cut a pineapple. yes kids, i don't know how to cut fruit.

it's pretty scary, though. i mean, there's plenty of nineteen year olds that move out and shit, but they still have their parents around. mine are going to be on another continent in about a year and a half. sure, my brother and sister will be here, but they're not going to lend me money when i overspend or when i want to go on vacation or make sure i have a lunch for work. i'm so disgustingly dependent on my parents. fukkin SCARY.


yeah yeah yeahs concert last nite was great! my arms and side are completely bruised. got there late, as usual, but just in time for some of my favorite songs. eventually we got right to the front and center where i was then drenched in sweat. other people's sweat, of course. and karen o? she's a nutcase. amazing.

next up, the stills, bloc party, and broken social scene!!

talking before thinking is like shooting before aiming.

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08 April 2006 @ 12:53 pm
english bois + alcohol = one hell of a night.

and the mojo is back with a vengeance.

phoenix tonight?
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20 March 2006 @ 02:00 pm
<td align="center"> mel --

A perma-orgasm

'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at QuizUniverse.com</td>
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